You’ll want offline maps, navigation, waypoints  when you’r are on trek and  there is no 3G coverage  into the maharashtra forts area. Here we are introducing Android mobile app – “My Trek Planner”.  Click here to download My Trek Planner app.

This app offers more than 176 forts for search with route maps that can be downloaded ahead of time so you’re not reliant on spotty or nonexistent 3G coverage. Track your journey, save waypoints, and  find your way around.

mobile apps

mobile apps

As you start searching for fort or city wise fort at My Trek Planner, the applications offers you suggestions to narrow down your search. For instance you select radio button City  and type “Pune” on My Trek Planner, and the application will show you all forts around Pune city on map. Select Fort, Type Shivneri and you’ll see Shivneri fort on map.  Further more you can plan you trek from your current location. You will get route map and waypoints. Also you can download route map and waypoints into the PDF  for offline use.

You can also upload photos and take notes.

We are planning  to create iPhone and iPad versions soon.