Normally developing a game when you’re new to the programming language and software takes weeks and sometimes even months of intensive study in order to create a single game. Once you’re done, most of the time you’ll know how to edit very basic things like colors and sprites, but often the rest will be too difficult to understand.

With Buildbox you could literally have your game on the App Store and Google Play within a series of weeks. Something that a year ago would have been considered impossible, and with anything other than Buildbox, still is…

The user interface – that’s pretty much all Buildbox is – is extremely easy to navigate and understand, making it easy for anyone – even those with no prior game development experience – to easily create high end games within a week or so.

Buildbox gives free 30-day trial of the software which included a series of emails to help train you and guide you through the process. They called it their Buildbox 30 Day Game Challenge. So just sign up and ready to go.

No mental barriers. Just download… Install Open and you are ready to build your first game

Buildbox team shows you the Buildbox Overview video which will explain how easy it is to set things up and you’ll begin to see its strengths. We were able to make a full on platform game, and were capable of editing it, expanding on it, or even starting over and making an entirely new game.

Any system that is designed to make it super simple to create something, you’re going to run into limitations. And, yes, there are quite a few…

  1. You can’t build EVERY type of game you’d like. At least not yet.
  2. You can’t have logic… unless it’s built in.
  3. You are limited on physics properties per object.
  4. You can’t put ads where you want them, but there is ability to use ads in several places
  5. There are bugs.

All in all,  Developers wanting to make fun and simple games like The Pit, or even SKY, Buildbox is more than capable…In fact, all of these top chart games were made with Buildbox!